This is Jazz! He is about 10 months old, neutered, up to date on core vaccines, has been given flea prevention, and has been dewormed twice!

He is still young and has a lot of energy! He loves to play and wrestle with the other dogs! He is so sweet though and loves his belly rubs!

He still tries to puppy bite because whoever owned him as a puppy did not teach him any better. This will be resolved with some training and correction, that is all. If young children are in the home, he might not do well with them at first because he does have his adult teeth and while he thinks he is playing, he could hurt a young child with his “puppy biting”.

He needs some training but he is still a pup so that is expected. He appears housebroken so far.

As long as the pet’s profile is up on PetFinder, then they are STILL available for adoption.

Our hours are:
Wednesday 10am-6pm
Thursday 10am-4pm
Friday 10am-4pm
Saturday 10am-2pm

***During the winter months, check our Facebook page for closings/hour changes!

Our sanctuary’s address is:
252 Brewer Road
Morgantown WV 26508

Our adoption application can be found on our website at

Potential adopters can email us this application, bring it with them to the shelter, or fill one out here! Our email is or fax it to 304-292-2043 !

You will see on our adoption application that we ask for your landlord’s information (if you rent), your veterinarian’s information, and for a personal reference. We check ALL of these references to make sure our animals are going to good homes!

Our adoption fee for any animal is $85. All of our animals are spayed/neutered, up to date on core vaccines, dewormed, and flea treated.

This application takes at least a business day to process, so sending it in gets the process going!

The quickest way to get ahold of us about an animal or something at the shelter is to EMAIL us. Our one and only email is ! Send your application or questions DIRECTLY to that email! That is the only one we have access to!

If you have any questions, you call us at 304-290-4PET. If you have questions about an animal, EMAIL is the fastest way to get a response! We get about 70 voicemails a day for various reasons and our volunteers try to get back to them as quick as they can, but it is not instant. So if you have a question, concern, or are very interested in an animal, please EMAIL US at

Always remember to spay and neuter your pets!

Adopting a Pet

To adopt an animal, please fill out an adoption application before visiting the Sanctuary. This speeds up the adoption process. All adoption applications require a reference check from a previous or current veterinarian and other references as needed.

Dog Adoption Form
Cat Adoption Form

Four Ways to Send An Adoption Application

Mail to P.O. Box 1090, Dellslow, WV 26531

Scan and email to

Fax to 304.292.2043.

Hand-deliver it to the Sanctuary.

The $85 adoption fee covers all vaccinations, heartworm and feline leukemia/FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) testing, de-worming, and spay or neuter procedure.

Adoption Checklist

So, you think you're ready to adopt a pet? Check out the checklist below.

  • Browse available pets on the website.
  • Make time to come visit the animal shelter and meet your new friend.
  • Fill out the Adoption Form and submit it.
  • Pay the $85 Adoption Fee.
  • Take your new best friend home.

If you choose not to keep your adopted pet, contact Animal Friends at 304-290-4738, and we will make arrangements to re-enter the pet into the foster/adoption program. Your adoption fee is non-refundable.