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Animal Friends of North Central West Virginia

Free Spay & Neuter Assistance Program.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Special thanks to the Peterman Foundation for the Spay/Neuter Grant!

Animal Friends of North-Central West Virginia (AFNCWV) has received a $6,000 grant  in December of 2013 from the Peterman Foundation to provide free spaying and neutering services for cats and dogs whose owners cannot otherwise afford the procedures.  

“Helping to reduce pet overpopulation in our area through spaying and neutering is a major step in reducing the number of animals who are abandoned or mistreated,” said Cynthis Lucas, Animal Friends Founder and Executive Director.  “The grant from the Peterman Foundation will help tremendously in reducing the number of animals that are struggling for survival, suffering, or being euthanized.

“Our community has a problem with pet overpopulation,” Lucas continued.  “Residents and businesses report packs of stray dogs and colonies of feral cats, which can lead to public health and safety issues, in addition to the animals’ suffering. The Canine Adoption Center, which is the county-funded animal shelter, is frequently crowded; and Animal Friends’ no-kill animal sanctuary is usually at full capacity.”

A cat can give birth to her first litter by six months of age and can produce two to three litters a year.

According to Spay USA, a program of Pet Savers, Inc., a nationwide pet welfare organization, a single unspayed female and her mate(s), producing two litters a year with a survival rate of 2.8 kittens per litter, have the potential to produce the following number of offspring:


 1 year  12 kittens

 2 years 67

 3 years 376

 4 years 2,107

 5 years 11,801

 6 years 66,088

 7 years 370,092

 8 years 2,072,514

 9 years 11,606,077

“Even with the dedicated work of several animal protection groups in our region, there are far too many animals suffering or being euthanized.  Spaying and neutering are the answer to reducing those sad statistics.  We sincerely thank the Peterman Foundation for its support of our efforts,” Lucas said.

 In order to qualify for spay/neuter cost assistance from Animal Friends, an applicant must show proof of financial need prior to being accepted into the program.  Proof of need MUST include:

1.  Some form of PHOTO I.D.

2.  An active West Virginia Food Stamp Card, or an active West Virginia Medicaid Card.  If neither of these applies, proof of household income is required.

Please note that no more than two animals will be altered in any one household under this program.  

For more information, call Animal Friends at 304-290-4PET (4738).

MuttNation Foundation Awards Grant to AFNCWV

MuttNation Foundation, an organization founded to benefit animal shelters throughout the country, has awarded $3,000.00 to AFNCWV's no-kill sanctuary. Established by country and western singer Miranda Lambert and her mother Beverly, MuttNation has given one shelter in each state a grant.

In determining which shelter would benefit, the Foundation considered adoption rate (90 percent minimum), volunteerism, fiscal responsibility, fund raising, shelter specialty, community outreach, website, and hours of operation.

Animal Friends of North Central West Virginia is very grateful to MuttNation Foundation for the grant, which will support our efforts at our no-kill animal sanctuary.  We are also very grateful for our volunteers and other contributors from the community who helped us meet the rigorous criteria for the award.

About Animal Friends of North Central West Virginia

Animal Friends of North Central West Virginia (AFNCWV) is committed to ending the mistreatment and killing of all animals by promoting public awareness. Animal Friends invested untold people hours and over $65,000 to complete the extensive modifications and upgrades required to operate an animal sanctuary.

We do not take animals directly from the public. We get our animals from local shelters, Hospice, RDVIC, American Red Cross, and nursing homes. If you or someone you know is trying to find a home for an animal, and live in Monongalia County, take it to the Canine Adoption Center in Morgantown. We work closely with them as they determine which animals we can ultimately take. They can be contacted by phone at: 304-291-7267 or via email. You can also find information on them at the Pet Finder web site.